Why is Shane Dawson Trending, Shane Dawson Cat Meme went Viral on Twitter and Reddit.

Why is Shane Dawson Trending
Why is Shane Dawson Trending

Shane Dawson is trending on twitter what did Trisha picked us do now because every time Shane is trending or Rylan is trending. People are asking why Shane Dawson twitter is trending?

Lets hand on to your seats because this is gonna get messy and i was like what kind of vood** did Trisha pay


just put on this guy now he is trending again we are like guys what is happening so we go and we check and it turn out you guys


that he is trending because according to social media guess Nintendo of America posted this and because of all the rumors and allegations that have been said about Shane Dawson cats that’s why Dawson is trending.

What instantly caught Twitter users’ attention was the caption, which read, “Shane Dawson runs the Nintendo account now apparently.”


It was a direct nod to his horrendous podcast clip from 2015, which went viral worldwide. In the clip, Dawson described a se*ual act in which he took part with his cat.

Nearly six years after the incident, Shane Dawson’s scary cat story is trending online again.

Recently, Nintendo’s social media has published a tweet about Shane Dawson cat meme, which has raised eyebrows in the online community.


It proves. Nintendo did not tweet. Instead, an account was published that deleted its Twitter handle so that it looks like Nintendo has actually made it of America.

A lot of comments are like Shane Dawson hack Nintendo of America Shane Dawson did this not Shane Dawson in a cat suit.

A week ago because of the but* pick and now we got Youtuber is trending because of this very inappropriate disgusting tweet.


you know damn well he is in his mansion having five thousand panic attacks when someone said Shane you are trending you know what we mean he is like thinking what the hell has been exposed.

what the hell has been put out there it is too much like honestly with these kind of celebrities and stiff you never know what the hell is going to come out you know what we mean you just never know so you just got to you know every day.

someone is trending for different reasons we are like what is twitter doing now twitter’s a very interesting place twitter is crazy place these days.


Shane is just listen we don’t think it is ever going to get better you know what we mean we think jokes are going to continue people are going to continue to keep these people trending because of all these reasons.

A detailed account of the cat scandal surrounding Dawson is fully explained in the video above, prompting the 32-year-old YouTuber to make a lengthy apology on social media.

you can watch video here:

who is shane dawson and shane dawson cat

Often known for litigation, Dawson is certainly no stranger to being “canceled.” Seeing that his jokes about pedophilia and racism reacted strongly online.

In one of the most polarizing statistics on the internet today, Dawson inadvertently kicked online meme fest with re-surgery of his cat scandal.

What is the reaction of Fans on YouTuber’s alleged se*ual act?

With his questionable actions and rhetoric to keep the online community’s anger at bay, Dawson seems to have made an unusual move to touch a raw nerve with the general public.



After the video went viral, he received a strong response online and quickly clarified that it was a joke when he was about to issue an apology:

Shane Dawson Cat Meme apology

Shane Dawson Cat Meme apology

Although he has repeatedly apologized and claimed responsibility for his actions, he is on the verge of complete cancellation.


Along with the story of her gruesome cat exploring online, Twitter users were slandered for clicking on her name in the trending bar, as they enthusiastically promised to give Dawson such light with no need.


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