The Value of Cisco 300-720 Exam in a Competitive Employment Landscape

Gone are the days when getting new roles was purely based on working experience. Today, you can significantly impact your career development by possessing the right skills and staying up to date with the latest technologies. This almost certainly means pursuing new certification programs that match your career goals if you work in IT. This guide reveals how you can take the next step in your career by acing the Cisco 300-720 exam. We will discuss the three best roles you can fill after passing this test.

What Is the Cisco 300-720 Exam?

The Value of Cisco 300-720 Exam in a Competitive Employment Landscape

Officially named Securing Email with Cisco Email Security Appliance, the 300-720 test confirms if learners can successfully apply their knowledge of the Cisco Email Security Appliance in real-world scenarios. It focuses on administration, antispam and spam control, message filters, LDAP, data loss prevention, email encryption and authentication, and system delivery and quarantines methods. The Cisco 300-720 evaluation is a prerequisite for two Cisco certifications: Cisco Certified Specialist – Email Content Security as well as CCNP Security. To attain the CCNP Security accreditation, you need to pass this exam together with Cisco 350-701 test. 

Job Roles that You Can Fill after Passing Cisco 300-720 Exam

Holding the above-mentioned certificates under your belt, you can explore increased employment opportunities. Here are the top 3 roles you can obtain after passing the Cisco 300-720 exam:

1. Network Security Engineer

Network Security Engineers are responsible for protecting systems from cyber threats such as malware, bugs, and hacking. Working in this role, you should demonstrate your ability to design and administer security systems for functional networks, identify possible threats, and mitigate the risks. Also, a competent Network Security Engineer is expected to test and configure hardware and software systems, monitor network systems for potential security breaches, and perform simulated attacks to detect system vulnerabilities.

According to PayScale, a qualified Network Security Engineer earns an average salary of $92,274 per year.

2. Network Architect

Network Architects plan, design, and implement data communication networks to achieve the company objectives. Other tasks these IT professionals perform include supervising network implementation, managing network security, implementing hardware and software upgrades, and performing frequent maintenance of the company’s network equipment.

By becoming a competent Network Architect, you can expect an average annual income of $121,164, as reported by PayScale.

3. Senior Security Engineer

Senior Security Engineers are reputable IT professionals who assist in analyzing, planning, implementing, maintaining, and troubleshooting complex systems and networks. They also recommend security controls, inspect network efficiency, and perform frequent network maintenance.

According to ZipRecruiter, a typical Senior Security Engineer is guaranteed an average salary of $129,647 per year.


One thing’s certain after passing the Cisco 300-720 exam. You will always attract better career opportunities, including the top 3 job roles discussed above. There’s no doubt information technology is only becoming more competitive with every passing day. But with more and more organizations increasingly becoming aware of the important role played by IT Security professionals, there could be no better time to test yourself among the industry’s top dogs. Simply take this evaluation and change your career path forever!

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