Stray Kids’ Han Jisung use N-word in song, (Fans are confused) do not believe and asked ‘please educate Jisung’.

Stray Kids’ Han Jisung use N-word in song (From google)

Han Jisung, who has a large fan base, maybe in trouble when one of his Twitter users points out that Jisung has used racist slur language in one of his songs.

Jisung stray kids, a member of the South Korean boy band Stray Kids, seems to have gained a lot of attention on the internet, but for all the wrong reasons.


The young K-pop crooner from the boy band became a source of gossip on the web when rumors of a song with his band surfaced where he allegedly used the N-word.

The 21-year-old, who has a large following of fans, has been asked to re-educate himself and apologize for the mistake.

Stray Kids’ Han Jisung use N-word in song (From google)

In fact, the controversy first erupted when a Twitter user pointed out that Jisung had used racist slur language in one of his songs.


The user also shared lyrics of Korean songs with the help of the image and to make it clearer, the Twitter user also shared a picture of the songs translated into English. However, it is not clear if the song was actually associated with Jisung.

Did Stray Kids’ Han Jisung use N-word in song?

Yet it is not clear and neither no confirmation from the stray kids singer.

What do the Stray Kids song lyrics say?

According to the user’s shared lyrics, Jisung allegedly sang in the song, “You are — foreign worker, you a motherfu–in pig a–hole.”


The user’s shared lyrics also shed light on his abusive language. However, the Internet has become more and more of a mess.

Stray Kids’ Han Jisung use N-word in song (From google)

Although it is not clear how true the allegations are, another user soon shared an accurate translation of the song to bring the issue to light.

How did the Internet react to Han Jisung N-word? 

Jisung fans reacted immediately to the whole situation. However, the internet was divided over whether he needed to apologize or not because some people thought he needed to educate the singer. Speaking of which, one user said,

“i want han stray kids to be the one apologising and i hope he addresses everything that he’s done wrong. jisung has said before how he wasn’t proud of who he was in the past. if he’s grown and become a better person he will apologise. pls continue sending things through bubble, email +”


“do u ever posted a sht on your past and when you are matured now, having experienced and learned from it, regretting it, you deleted those? because i do feel the same, but the difference is that he is famous and i am not. the similarity is that he is human and i am too”

what you can do

“hold him accountable

do not speak over those affected

do not accept an apology (if given) that isnt meant for you, do not get angry at anyone who doesn’t accept it or unstans.


act you’re age, your old enough to be on twitter You’re old enough to be mature “


Stray Kids’ Han Jisung use N-word in song (From youtube)

As of now, the singer hasn’t responded to any of the allegations and the controversy seems to be based on speculation. The Twitter user who shared the lyrics didn’t mention the name of the song. 


stray kids Han South Korean boy band Stray Kids’ member Han Jisung seems to have grabbed much attention on the Internet but for all the wrong reasons and yet it is not confirmed that the songs lyrics leaked are true are not.

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