Sarah Viloid is Famous Youtuber went viral on Telegram and Twitter after his video.

Who is Sarah Viloid?

The stolen beautiful gamer yes of course you do not know Sarah Viloid SEA Games a beautiful person who often steals attention.

Sarah Viloid is a Youtuber and beautiful likes from Bekasi who has nore than 3 million known subscribers.
Youtube is curious about Joe’s figure to see Sarah Viloid’s complete biodata by age and religion.


She is now one of the most popular gaming and straming Youtuber. Sarah Viloid is known to have been in the export world since 2015 at that time she is still in high school.

The real name Sarah Olivia Santoso was once a manager and then a player in the dota2 revival professional team she also participates in many tournaments.

Such as the mobile legends solstice which is the cup and the 2019 esports presidents cup for this 20-year girl’s gadis start’s using youtube in 2013.


Earlier She writes content about games computers or mobile. Initially, she made a lot of arena genre content.

Battles from multiplayer or MOBA battle royale and more not only being fond of Sarah Viloid is also her professional cosplayer

who was appointed as an ambassador for Japanese station navigator as cosplayer since he was a teenager she has often ridden a borrowed clutch motorcycle to his friends
finally managed to get permission from his father to have their own big motorbike in mid-2020.


Sarah Olivia Santoso’s is his full name his date of birth is September 16 2020 and his religion is Christian. she is a YouTuber gamer content creator Instagrammer.

Youtuber’s fans are asking the question about Viloid and no one exactly about what is happening. keep with us we will inform you when we have some news about Sarah Viloid Telegram video.

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