Kumerican rapper Jay Bahd Head Video, Asaka boy Jay Bhad NUDE Tape leaked, Why Jay Bhad Of Asakaa Fame Is Trending?

 Jay Bhad leaked video
Jay Bhad video

First, we think that they had released another banger but that wasn’t the case as I’m speaking to you right now.

there is a video circulating on social media which shows jay bad receiving a BJ from a lady and this is currently the talk on social media right now.


some sources are saying that jay bad actually released the video himself some are saying that he mistakenly posted it and there has been a lot of talk about it.

some people are saying that this could lead to the end of jay bahd career and other people are saying that even chatawali some time back had an alleged video of him also receiving a BJ.

that also didnot end his career so this is nothing so there has been a whole lot of talk on social media and a whole lot of things let’s check out some reactions that are going on concerning jay bhad video that is trending all over.


where he is seen allegedly receiving a bj now here are some of the tweets that came in.

“Dem says jay bhad career spoil but dem forget sat shatta wale do the same thing.LMAO …Moma y3n dwene.Jay bhad more tire!!!”

What is the reaction of Fans to Jay Bhad’s video?

These are the same reaction that is coming in concerning their lead se* tape of jay that is trending all over on social media.

 Jay Bhad text
 Jay Bhad reply
 Jay Bhad comment

what do you also think about this do you think can have an effect on jake bahd one the asta cowboys career?

what do you think is just one of those things for publicity stunts and stuff like that just share your opinions in the comment.


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