Lin Qi billionaire Chinese gaming tycoon died on Christmas Day, his company announced. The police are investigating whether the 39-year-old was poisoned.

Lin Qi, the billionaire founder of China-based League of Angels developer #YoozooGames, died on Christmas
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Who Is Lin Qi?

Lin Qi was the producer on Netflix’s The Three-Body Problem,He was also the chairman of Chinese company Yoozoo Group,

Three-Body Problem became an international hit and has been translated into dozens of languages. The Three-Body Problem also become the first Asian novel to win a Hugo Award for Best Novel.


The Yoozoo company board of directors announced on December 26 confirming the death of Lin Qi.

The whole management and all employees of the Yoozoo company are very sad and express their deep condolences on the death of Lin Qi.


Shanghai police have arrested an old man named XU___ relative of Lin Qi. Police authorities are saying that they were first alerted to a suspected poisoning on December 17.

According to police before Lin Qi’s death, the company issued a statement saying that Lin Qi had been admitted to hospital due to “physical discomfort,” but was in stable condition and improving.

Police further said that Xu was “suspected of committing a major crime.”


Lin Qi ,global revenue, was believed to worth about $1 billion ($6.8 billion yuan) and his company was china’s leading mobile game provider.


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