Jennie of Blackpink dating scandal With BIGBANG’S G-Dragon their scandal Explained & Updated.

G-Dragon of K-pop trending in the world and we are going to make this blog to you because this is a huge scandal it is something really serious.

Jennie of Blackpink Dating Scandal With BIGBANG’S G-DRAGON
Jennie of Blackpink

We think all of you should know about this so basically this patch which is one of the biggest gossip news outlets in Korea they just released.


An article saying that g-dragon from the big bang and jenny from Blackpink are indeed dating.

we know right this is surprising so apparently jenny and drew dragon already know themselves since 2012.

She appeared on one of his music videos and she also was a feature on his album and they have been friends for eight years.

Why was Kai and Jennie's dating known as a scandal

Now so this patch witnessed a secret meeting between g-dragon and jenny their dates would mostly be at his home.

since he lives in a luxury villa in hanem dong the dragon lives in a penthouse that has an independent parking system.

You can watch the video at the end of the Blog:


So the strangers and journalists could never find what they were doing would have to go through a two-step verification process from passing the front door to parking.

So really it is hard for paparazzi to get in it is also stated that the penthouse has an elevator a private elevator and not everyone can go there.

Blackpink’s Jennie and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon
Jennie scandal

There is no need to go outside so you do not have to about the exposure of the surrounding.


Let’s read what the journalists said ” jenny registered her carnival in g-dragon’s villa I passed the front door without a separate authentication procedure and enter the private parking.

“Then I went directly to the penthouse using a dedicated elevator so you can see on this picture.”

Kai And Jennie’s Relationship News
Jennie and G-DRAGON scandal

“you can see what jenny did so jenny is going through the penthouse and she goes to the elevator and the parking lot so apparently their dating routine was constant.”


“The journalists said that when Blackpink had their live concert once the concert was over he went to g-dragon’s house expecting jenny to be there.”

“So the formula would always be the same she would have the schedule she would go to his house and she would return to her house even she didnot have activities.”

“She would go to his house and follow the same pattern sometimes chineses manager would take her there.”


And sometimes g-dragon’s manager would do the job so one of the most surprising things we heard from the article is that ” apparently the relationship is no surprise to yg crew.”

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So apparently somi g-dragon big bang Blackpink everyone in the label knows that they are secret and they are dating.”

The article also stated that ” when Blackpink were recording their music video probably for lovesick girls or how you like that g-dragon appeared on the set.”


“It was apparently to encourage her and maybe more than that now that we know about this 31st of last month Blackpink had their online concert on that morning jenny left g-dragon’s house and left for the concert after the concert was done she came back to his house.”


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