Jayrscotty leaked Pictures and (Deleted Tape) Explained, Fans Offer Support.

Jayrscotty-leaked -Pictures-and-Video-Deleted
Jayrscotty leaked Pictures and tape Deleted

Jayrscotty pictures leaked on Twitter and people physically embarrassed him until he deleted all his videos and made them private. It’s a good game for people on Twitter to preach physical positivity until Jordan Scott’s nudes get leaked on Twitter.

Jayrscotty was best known for his bit. “I’ve never seen 2 pretty best friends. It’s always one of them to be ugly” which was just a joke but Twitter warriors had to make it personal. Jayrscotty didn’t do anything wrong with what I saw, but Jordan Scott leaked his nudes leaked and then pushed innumerable things. I’ve never seen a good Twitter woman, at least they must mean something. I hope Jayrscotty recovers.


Jayrscotty is an American model and a TikTok star. he grew famous on the internet because of his eyes and appearance which many people are huge fans of. he has recently released his song 2 pretty best friends on youtube as well as Spotify. the popular TikTok trend I ain’t never seen two pretty best friends was started by Jayrscotty. the video went viral in October 2020 and it became widely popular. he usually offers advice and answers questions in his TikTok videos.

Jayrscotty-leaked-Pictures-and-clip- Deleted
Jayrscotty leaked Pictures and clip Deleted

jayrscotty is an American model and a TikTok star who has become famous on the internet for her eyes and appearance, which has many fans who recently released her song Two (2) Beautiful Best Friends on YouTube.

Jayrscotty leaked Pictures and tape Deleted

This video by jayrscotty was never made at the beginning of these two 2 beautiful friends, the video went viral in October 2020 and it became so popular that he usually presents immediate facts and answers to questions in his TikTok video.


Jordan was born and raised in Aiken South Carolina. His nationality is American and Scott’s nationality seems to be mixed. jayrscotty has 1.8 million followers on TikTok. There are 45.8 million videos likes in total. Currently, only two of his videos are public and all other TikTok videos have been kept private.

More About Jayrscotty:

How tall is jayrscotty?

Details of the model’s height have not been revealed yet, but according to her photos, the Jayrscotty could be up to 6 feet tall.

  • Jayrscotty is famous for his several tattoos on his body.
  • TikTok star has 71.6k followers on his Instagram account.
  • He is based in Los Angeles, California.
  • He has a huge presence on Reddit where his fans talk about him and share his memories.
  • Jordan does not yet have a dedicated Wikipedia page.
  • Scott Bio can be read in a couple of wiki-bio pages.
  • Scott graduated from the Coastal Carolina University
  • He has a bachelor’s degree in physical education.

What is the Name of Jayrscotty Girlfriend?

Jayrscotty has not yet revealed his girlfriend’s name or the status of her relationship to the media.

Why was his account deleted?


TWO PRETTY BEST FRIENDS OFFICIALLY OUT NOW!!! Tag your twin you claim to be your besss Fran if they look as good as you 😭😭 #bestfriendchallenge

♬ 2 Pretty Best Friends – Jayrscottyy

jayrscotty’s Twitter account has been deleted.


Twitter Fans About Jayrscotty leaked Pictures and Clip:

“”Body positivity” is bullshit and only applies to women. The same people who made fun of Jayrscotty’s meat size would get offended if someone made fun of their weight. If you leaked Jayrscotty’s tape or made fun of him just go fuc.. yourself honestly”.


“The Jayrscotty leaked tape, situation DISGUSTS me if the shoe was on the other foot and the girl’s NUDEs were leaked by Jay he would be canceled and shamed but now that Jayrscottys nudes were leaked everyone body shames him? Double standards smh.”


There is currently no information about Jayrscotty’s leaked pictures and tape. Jayrscotty has not revealed the name of his girlfriend or his relationship status to the media yet.


There is currently no information on Jayrscotty’s leaked photos and clip.

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