Many social media users claimed that Jacob Sartorius head video has been leaked and these images (Which were proven fake) are the Screenshots of his head video

The 18-year-old is perhaps best known for his lip-sync efforts on musical.ly and TikTok, while it’s also worth noting that his comedy content on Vine played a significant role in his early success.

On December 31, 2020, Twitter and Facebook have been flooded with rumours of Jacob Sartorius leaked head video and leaked head pictures and memes related to them. People were found hunting for Jacob Sartorius leaked video and pictures.


Do you know Jacob Sartorius?

Rolf Jacob Sartorius is an American singer and internet personality, who rose to fame via social media from posting comedic videos on Vine and lip-syncing videos on musical.ly and TikTok. In 2016, he released his debut single “Sweatshirt”, which reached a peak of 90 on the Hot 100 chart in the United States.(From wiki)

His social media following remains vast, with the artist boasting 9.3 million followers on Instagram and 24 million on TikTok.


According to details of purported video and pictures, a photoshopped (edited) image of Jacob Sartorius, with several variants, emerged on social media and gone viral. Looking at the fake image, many people believed that the photo was taken from Jacob’s head video


Noah Centineo Leaked Video become Viral on Social Media

People were searching for purported video and pictures by using queries such as “Jacob sartorius leaked head video, Jacob sartorius leaked video, Jacob sartorius leaked pics/photos, Jacob sartorius leaked photo giving head” and so on…

Jacob Sartorius response to the viral leak Images

In response to the fake leak, Jacob wrote on Twitter: “Don’t know who photoshopped this but nice edit.”


Along with three laughing emojis, he shared two images side-by-side, demonstrating that somebody had edited an image of him in a changing room, splicing his image into a different location.


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