Illinois State seeking Vs Chicago State 2020

Illinois State seeking ‘to be more urgent’ beginning with Chicago State
“We have to be more urgent and on our feet,” said ISU junior center Dusan Mahorcic. “Our focus is a lot better (in practices). It’s just small details. If you have five guys and four are doing their job and one is not, the whole defense is going to collapse. I have a feeling our focus in the second half (at Ball State) was a lot better.”
“We have a job to do and that’s always an important game before Christmas break. It’s an odd game sometimes,” said ISU head coach Dan Muller. “I have to get my young team to understand the most important thing to do right now is prepare today and play well tomorrow and then you can enjoy home.”
“Urgency is a great word I would use for our team. Urgency when you’re focusing on the scouting report. Urgency when you’re doing a shell drill in practice. They’re getting it slowly, but surely.”

There have been some rough spots offensively, too, for the Redbirds.
Chicago State head coach Lance Irvin, a two-time cancer survivor, opted out of coaching this season because of health concerns. The Cougars were down to one coach, assistant Rodell Davis, and eight players last week in an 88-51 loss to Loyola
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