Twitter is a social app.people use twitter to share their posts in term of tweets and also retweet and like the shared post of others.the question arises here is why we use twitter and how it work for us.

how to gaine follower on twitter
Gaining twitter followers

How you create an account on twitter

  • install the twitter app.
  • open the app.
  • click on create an account.
how to create account
how to create account on twitter

your mobile or desktop screen look like bellow.

  • enter your name and phone number
  • click on the Next button.
  • twitter ask you to enter your birth date

Follow all the steps asked by twitter once you sign up you are ready to use the twitter.


Tips when you make an account on twitter

  • firstly make your user name or in other words, handle short.
  • your user name maximum consists of 5 to 6 characters.
  • your user name is like @ifb,@off_1, etc

How we gain followers on twitter

Step 1

write follow back 100% in your bio so that if any user access to your account he will follows you.

Step 2

Try to add your self to promotion groups. you can add yourself in theses groups by simply retweeting the list of a specific group and mention your handle and send the DM(Direct Message)to the admin of that group.

When admin saw your retweets he will add you in his group.


step 3

Make sure that you follow back your all followers

How you use the group for gaing more followers

A promotion group is a platform for the new Twitter users so that they can gain more followers. In the group list of all members is generated. And members of that group retweet that list.

Admin also asks the members to tweet the list and share in the group by doing so followers of each member read that list (tweet) and follow the members of that simply here is the trick of gaining followers.


Now the question arises here is how you retweet the lists and how tweet the list?

Retweeting lists in a group

Here is the step by step procedure to tweet a list of a your group first in which you are any tweeted list by clicking on it.

Click on the group name. Remember group name is always started with a # symbol. for example, a group on twitter named ”#FastFollowerGainGroup” so once you click on the group name your screen looks like.

See there are tabs named as top Latest people photos videos. you click on the Latest tab. All the latest tweeted lists of that group will show. you have to retweet these all lists. Also like the lists


After retweeting all the list you must write done in the group and also mention your handle like @m_ehr1. By doing so the admin knows that you are an active member and he will never miss your handle while compiling a new list.

Tweeting a list in a group

When admin shares a list in the group and asks you to tweet the list you should follow the following steps.

  • Open any latest tweeted list. Copy the can easily copy the list by long press on an empty area in the list.
  • Then go to your home page.
  • Make a new tweet. A + sign appears at the right bottom shown below. Click on it and paste the copied data here and click on a tweet you tweet the list.
  • Now go to your profile. Your tweeted list is shown here scroll the list click on the share tab and share it with your group.

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