Facebook unfriend app
the procedure to see who has unfriend you on Facebook

If you want to know who has removed you from your Facebook friend list, now it is possible. When you start using Facebook, suddenly

the number of your friends is slowly decreasing. Now you can know who has made you unfriend. People who used to have a lot

of friends on Facebook, it was very difficult to take them or find out who unfriend them, but now it is possible The name of the


app is “who deleted me” app chrome, this app can be download form opera and Firefox browser .you can also download it for

the android system as well. This app developed by the experts of Media Diwodes Company. This app is very easy to use. when

you install this app. It works automatically And tells you the number of all your friends in your friend list And when someone



of your friend, unfriend you you can see his picture. So now you can find out who unfriend you.

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