Helicopter shot down in Orlu (Orlu crisis video)- what is happening in Orlu Imo state in Nigeria today.

ESN shot down one NAF helicopter belonging to Nigerian
Report from Orlu the Nigerian army and airforce

A situation report from Orlu the Nigerian army and airforce terrorizing people in Orlu battling with people shooting people and looking for ESN.

The eastern security network has allegedly brought down, we mean shot down one NAF helicopter belonging to Nigerian but listening to these very reports.


Some locally tori Pipo dey that Twitter and Instagram have set fire to Nigeria, with Nigeria’s Military dey launching airstrikes for Orlu as they try to capture members of the Eastern Security Network (ESN). Have done There are various kain videos for the Twitter Way show just after a helicopter dey fly around for Orlu.

These reports were actually some of the reports that these people you know made a video about starting from yesterday down to this afternoon today.

So but we want you even as you listen to the reports we wanted to be strong and know that the eastern security network is not going to carry last.


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They are up to the job and they are standing very tall so pray for the innocent citizens not to lose their life.

At that point in time, they actually did what he was expecting them to do to bring the world to ross first let him bid on to shoot then we know how to defend ourselves.


we just want you to know that it is a true story the Nigerian army has taken over Lilly town and that also is in Imo state they share a neighboring boundary.

In Lilly, there is the primary school which closes by 3 30 but from yesterday there is no any form of educational activity going on here today.

what is happening in Orlu Imo state in Nigeria today?

It might interest you to know that what happened in Orlu Imo state in Nigeria yesterday was so much that every member of this community has run away no one is in school everyone knowns coming and going out


for the people of Lilly and uh and uh also local government also in Imo state, these are two communities that share their common boundary and there is a lot of eyewitnesses who watches that what happened here yesterday.

Lilly is in an umbra state a border between also from IMO state and what you had or seen on social media since yesterday.

It is true the people of this town grown aways because of the present heavy presence of the Nigerian army that invaded this community yesterday evening.


They invented this community yesterday evening with ammo tank with some uh helicopter and what they did yesterday was so horrified so terrible.

The shops in this road under lock and the sounds of guns within this vicinity canbe listen today. They have turned this town to a ghost town.

This morning and according to multiple news channels we tell you that all the families that decided to leave the town has left the town.


but those that are remaining are under lock and key this is the situation report of what is going on here in Lilly a very close border with IMO state in Anambra state.

They had over five tanks and they are expecting them and they are shooting vertically to the whole forest within this area there is a place that covers repeats they set the gaze or the suspect or they had information that the eastern security network members are camping day but we call it an unfruitful uh project.

because we do not know who got them such information but it is all unfruitful it is not beautiful because whatever you know such it is very places (Lilly) to stop people living around this area and to their business activities in this place.


According to multiple news channel reports, they shot a husband and a wife and a family that was driving out from this very place that my camera and those people has been taken to the hospital.

A lot of viral helicopter fly-pass video has been shared on Twitter:

Orlu crisis video

For one of the di videos, watch the video of the viral helicopter fly-pass, den as e fly out of di view of di video you fit hear gun shot. A man shouted “ha! Jesus Christ o! wia dis one dey? Ha! Why dis pipo dey waka upandan abeg? Why dis pipo dey… Jesus see gun. Ha!… make everybody enta inside uns still stand here.”


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