GOT7 band (JYP Entertainment ) star Yugyeom ‘leaves agency for AOMG’.

got7 Band
GOT7 have been together for seven years (Picture: JYP Entertainment)

There is bad news for Got7 is a South Korean boy band formed by JYP Entertainment listeners. we hear that a member of Got7 is a South Korean boy band has decided to leave the agency.

K-Pop group has a total of seven members. News of one of them leaving the band is circulating on social media right now.


According to reports, Yugyeom has decided to leave the Got7 band formed by JYP Entertainment. K-Pop group started their career in 2014 under JYP Entertainment.

From the beginning of this year, the news was circulating whether Got7 will work with the same company or not because K-Pop has been working with the same company for the last seven years.

Hearing the news of Yugyeom leaving the band seems to be coming true for the band’s fans. On Wednesday, SPO TV News claimed Yugyeom would not renew his contract with JYP Entertainment.


What was the reason Yugyeom leaving the got7 band?

One of the reasons for leaving the band maybe that Yugyeom has recently signed to hip-hop/R&B label AOMG include Jay Park, Gray, Hoody, and Punchinello.

What has JYP Entertainment and GOT7 has to say about Yugyeom leaving the agency?

JYP Entertainment did not deny that Yugyeom had not yet signed on renewal of the contract, but responded in a statement to media: “We are still discussing various possibilities regarding GOT7’s contracts, and we will inform you when we are ready.”

we are not clear yet that whether Yugyeom is leaving the group, however, the members of the K-Pop group have said in the past that “they hope to stay together no matter what happens.”GOT7’s last return was Breath Of Love: Last Piece in November 2020.


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