Galaxy S23 Ultra Exclusive First Look UNBOXINGS & CAMERA can justify that cost of $1250

Galaxy S23 Ultra Exclusive First Look UNBOXINGS & CAMERA can justify that cost of $1250
Galaxy S23 Ultra Exclusive First Look UNBOXINGS & CAMERA can justify that cost of $1250
Galaxy S23 Ultra Exclusive First Look UNBOXINGS & CAMERA can justify that cost of $1250

The Samsung Galaxy S series (Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, and Galaxy S21) is a line of high-end Android smartphones produced by Samsung Electronics. The series was first introduced in 2010 with the Samsung Galaxy S and has since released multiple iterations, including the Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, and Galaxy S21. These smartphones are known for their high-end specifications, exceptional design, and advanced features such as camera technology, fingerprint scanners, and water resistance. The latest iteration of the series is Samsung Galaxy S21 which was launched in January 2021.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – UNBOXINGS & CAMERA:

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - UNBOXINGS & CAMERA
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – UNBOXINGS & CAMERA:

Samsung is currently suffering the worst League of centuries as the unreleased Galaxy s93 Ultra is already being sold and got unboxed camera tested and much more this is quite insane and has never happened before because we have the actual retail model in action but before that we gotta take a look at one of the most awaited upgrades.

which is a significant improvement to Samsung’s portrait mode video yes according to ice Universe finally with the s23 ultra the portrait mode video will have support for 4K 30 FPS with high resolution.

you can expect even better quality and now with an even better blur and subject separation which was already so good on last year’s model now even next level with the s23 series coming back to the unboxing.

we have the lavender slash pink model of the Galaxy s23 Ultra looking not as pinkish as the renders when it comes to the real-life look of course inside the side of the Box you’re just going to see the phone and the Sim ejector dual along with some paperwork and the USBC cable this right here is the new green color which is a bit lighter than last year’s model kind of looks a bit gray.

Now people are still talking about the new box design and I guess, to be honest, they could have done a better job by at least making the phone a bit bigger but let me know what you preferred like the older S letter or this new one drop a comment now out comes the camera samples and this is the first selfie image sample you can see.

What a quality difference next to the pixel 7 Pro is looking stunning with noticeably more detail do keep in mind that Samsung will push a Snapdragon ISP update as revealed by ice and verse.

So what you’re seeing right now is probably not the final result it’s going to get even more optimized the night performance is freaking dope incredible results even in practically no light at all taking a look at the zoom samples which are being compared to the s22 ultra you can see we have a pretty nice noticeable difference in terms of the colors and the details with the latest Hardware.

Even with the same lenses, we’re seeing better improvements so far overall I’m liking the results the 200-megapixel sensor on the s23 ultra has been underrated in the news but so far it seems to be delivering the exact upgrades we needed over the s32 ultra

How Galaxy S23 Ultra Real Hands-On Feels like

How Galaxy S23 Ultra Real Hands-On Feels like
How Galaxy S23 Ultra Real Hands-On Feels like

The specs the prices the camera samples and a real Hands-On Blog of the Galaxy s23 Ultra so first up we’ve got an update for the new selfie camera on the Galaxy s23 Ultra. It might not be what you expected ice Universe tweeted all of the camera details which confirm every sensor is changed apart from the telephoto cameras.

And it also shows us that the selfie camera has changed up from 40 megapixel gh1 to a new 12 megapixel 3lu now this doesn’t mean it’s a downgrade as more megapixels that doesn’t mean better quality photos.

So we assume it will, of course, be a better sensor but at the same time, there are no details on this new 3lu sensor so we’re gonna have to wait and see that being said a Twitter user Edwards Sabina has got his hands on the Galaxy s23 Ultra and he’s published a selfie photo which he compares to the pixel 7 Pro.

Now, of course, photos are subjective but I prefer the selfie from the Galaxy s23 Ultra it just would have been nice to have a comparison against the predecessor instead of a pixel next up we’ve got some fortunate news that shows more expensive pricing for the s23 series.

The s23 pricing a new leak has revealed the European pricing and this shows that the s23 base model is going to be 950 Euros the s23 plus is going to be 1 100 euros then the s23 ultra is going to start at 1 399 Euros now which means it’s up to 150 Euros more for the Galaxy s23 Ultra.

but it’s also worth noting that the base model is now 256 gigabytes for the plus and the ultra Which is higher than the previous 128. now these prices are also not directly comparable between regions as they also include European taxes there’s also a leak of a pre-order offer and this says it’s going to bump you up to the following storage capacity completely free.

Now next up we’ve got more night photos taken from the Galaxy s23 Ultra and again these are from Edwards Dena so it’s looking like he does have his hands on this phone the photos look great but of course, there could be some quality loss due to the photos coming from Twitter.

but Samsung is teasing their great night photography so it’s looking like a big area of improvement next up we’ve got Promotional and Retail photos as well as a real live Hands-On video of the Galaxy s23 Ultra and it’s a little bit surprising the promotional pre-order images that show us exactly what the rear of the phone is going to look like and to be fair it’s exactly what we expected.

but the retail photos are not what I expected to see now as you can see we’ve got the retail box for all models of the Galaxy s23 well the phone looks great I have to say I’m not a fan of this packaging it doesn’t look like what I was expecting Samsung to deliver and it looks much cheaper than last year’s packaging.

The small s23 on the front looks like a misprint and I’ve got no idea why there’s this big sticker in the top left but this does seem to be legitimate now as many leaks are showing the same thing now there are plenty of fake videos floating around but this Hands-On video does look to be very real.

On this one, we’ve got the same packaging that we keep on seeing again and again and the rear of the phone is correct we’ve got the new camera Rings the Black IR sensor instead of the red one, and the slightly new shaped body now the first clip is just holding the phone next to the box.

but in the second clip, we’ve got someone using the camera outside showcasing the digital zoom and they do turn it around to show us the new body as well so it looks to be the real s23 Ultra now with only a few days to go until the official launch this has to be at the Galaxy s23 Ultra.

Well, it looks the same as the predecessor they have focused on improvements we get a better chipset in all regions we’ve got camera upgrades including the selfie camera, and hopefully, there are still going to be some surprises for launch now, of course, is anything new comes in I’ll be sharing it straight away.

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