Elizabeth Zoom’s class video is currently going viral on TikTok and other social media platforms. But many users wonder who Elizabeth is and what was special about Elizabeth Zoom’s class video. Zoom has become a way of life for some people, especially when it comes to working meetings.

Elizabeth Zoom class video went viral on TikTok Here is Elizabeth Zoom class reaction

But first things first, watch the Elizabeth Zoom class video below.

In the video clip, about 40 seconds long, a zoom class is recorded at the school showing a student by the name of Elizabeth’s iconic light when some funny sounds are heard from her device to the whole class. The voices forced people to believe that Elizabeth was Exercising while leaving her microphone unmuted during class.


Elizabeth did not answer, and it is unlikely that her zoom call wasn’t muted.

Elizabeth Zoom Class Video has received 2.7 million views so far and is still going viral.



People on Twitter are responding to the Elizabeth Zoom class video with funny memes and commentary.

After watching the video and listening to the voices, Some said they wanted to “bleach their ears” and the general consensus was that most people would rather have not heard the Zoom call.

Although nothing has been confirmed, classmates and viewers believe that Elizabeth was having se… while during the lesson.


After watching the video and hearing the voices, some said they “wanted to clear their ears” and the general consensus was that most people would not have heard the zoom call.

You can watch the Video here:

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