it’s been some time now that I take care of videos on Tiktok with my series on the hidden side of Tiktok and that we see more and more videos

Duck Pack 51 tiktok full video
Duck Pack 51

You can watch video at the End of this Blog

Extremely weird and people extremely weird on this platform today is something that goes beyond all the limits that were posted onthis platforma video.


where a girl gets sliced the throat you have been hundreds or even thousands to tell me on the networks social it is today I’m going away

Occupy in this video is welcome for a new Blog by Duck Pack 51 Tiktok today we are going to talk about the video of Duck Pack 51.

From Tiktok last night a very shocking video at starting to go viral on Tiktok. Basically the video she appeared in the section for you of absolutely everything


world and the section for you to do simple it’s a kind of tabs that lists all the videos that are made for you according to the Tiktok that you saw on the platform.

and this video there in fact she appeared to go for you because she was really a lot shared a lot and the problem is that precisely from that moment

Tiktok can absolutely nothing more to do in fact because that the video she has become so powerful that it is impossible to manually delete


and it already happened at the time for those who do remember I even made a Blog above the guy who shot himself an AK-47 bullet in the head

especially at the Tiktok era had even made you bost to say that they were sorry who could not rebel who could do nothing actually because the video is too powerful to be suppressed once again.

and a bigin this press release said the community flexible and stop sharing and stop well, in fact, it’s like saying a kid you see the chocolate me


I come on please it doesn’t work and today it happened exactly there same or even worse with this video the video was called video

two 51 packs by everyone is in fact in this video we see a teenager first she trains in her you see that cool and just after a sent girl who gave him really looks a lot like having your head chopped off in peace.

and in the story, there are two parts in the video as I tell you from the first part we see a teenager actually dancing men until there everything is normal nothing alarming


and then a cut and there we see the famous video of the girl who is having his throat slit in a mouth and the problem and the stuff that freaks out it’s is what it’s the same girl

you don’t see what there are many similarities and especially if it’s the same girl who is this girl in fact why this is the cases slit it the throat and by whom and this is the moment in a row my inspectors’ blouse in

we left so first by doing a few research I saw that apparently 7.9 the ice is performed by people who were part of a cartel actually a wholesale cartel it’s like a camp


that there we are going to say it like that and the thing that is important to underline fact it’s only the guy who slices him the head to his two daughters

they talk Spanish finally in the full video which is no longer available on the internet we hear it from Spain and worry is interesting in the full video it’s that one step tomorrow

that the girl is having his head cut offboth people because yes to twopeople in this video hertrains to discuss in fire and bloodvery discussed a spanish


and she speaks fluently in Spanish except for Spanish who speaks it is not a Spanish from Spain Spanish scene from Mexico do there are certain into nations some words that are more fluent used in Mexico

we even hear them out early during the video but frankly, for me, the cartel seems a little too big in fact suddenly I was a little more research and in listening some more to the full video

as I repeat once again that he is no longer really available on the internet we expect more things and especially the guy who is chop off the head of the talking girl


and who says that’s what will happen to everyone on shit like this epilogue is herein one year pilot is pilot by doing a few research in fact on according to there

I myself realized that in fact, it was a Kind of on our a contraction of the name Rouen was basically missing a guy who is going to be called jean-paul but here is skinned Paulo

you see it’s all the same thing I was talking to you about the accent of ayes it comes from Mexico all in Skyrock born to sky rose


like it’s okay better today paul new video on when the dollar in short Mexico and this Mexican accent in fact he is from a special region of Mexico in the region of Guanajuato morals when they are two regions in Mexico where there is a lot of things


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