Dead Space 44 Essential Tips and Tricks 2023

dead space hints and tips
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Dead Space 44 Essential Tips and Tricks 2023

Dead Space is a survival-horror video game developed by Visceral Games and published by Electronic Arts. The game was released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in 2008. Dead Space takes place in the distant future, where humanity has colonized space. The game follows Isaac Clarke, an engineer sent to repair a mining ship that has been overrun by alien creatures known as necromorphs.

The game features a mix of survival-horror gameplay, with an emphasis on combat and exploration. Dead Space features a unique weapon-crafting system, where players can upgrade and customize their weapons. The game received critical acclaim upon release and has since spawned several sequels, as well as a spin-off and comic book series.

  • Permanently conserve ammo: Dead Space is a survival-horror game, which means ammo is scarce. Make sure to aim for the limbs of enemies to conserve ammo.
  • Use stasis judiciously: Stasis is a valuable tool that slows down enemies and objects but is also a finite resource. Use it strategically and only on the toughest enemies.
  • Be mindful of your health: Keep an eye on your health bar and make sure to use health packs promptly.
  • Use the right weapon for the job: Each weapon in the game is designed for a specific purpose. Use the right weapon for the enemy you’re facing.
  • Upgrade your weapons: Upgrade your weapons as soon as you can to make them more powerful and efficient.
  • Use the environment to your advantage: Dead Space features a lot of interactive elements in the background. Use them to your advantage in combat and puzzle-solving.
  • Keep an eye out for power nodes: Power nodes are used to upgrade your weapons and suit. Keep an eye out for them while exploring.
  • Explore every nook and cranny: Dead Space is full of secrets and collectibles. Take your time and explore every area thoroughly.
  • Be prepared for zero-gravity: Some areas of the game take place in zero-gravity environments. Make sure to adjust your movement and combat accordingly.
  • Listen to the audio logs: The audio logs in Dead Space provide valuable information about the story and the world. Listen to them carefully.
  • Use kinesis: Kinesis is a powerful ability that allows you to pick up and throw objects. Use it to solve puzzles and take out enemies.
  • Be prepared for jump scares: Dead Space is full of jump scares, so be prepared for them and don’t let them catch you off guard.
  • Use the save stations: Save stations are scattered throughout the game. Use them often to save your progress.
  • Use the maps: The maps in Dead Space are incredibly helpful. Use them to navigate and plan your route.
  • Be aware of the necromorphs: Necromorphs are the main enemies in Dead Space. Learn their patterns and weaknesses to take them out efficiently.
  • Take care of the little guys first: Take out the small necro morphs first before focusing on the bigger ones.
  • Stay calm: Dead Space can be a stressful game, but it’s important to stay calm and think strategically to survive.
  • Take advantage of the quick-time events: Quick-time events are scattered throughout the game. They can be used to take out enemies quickly and efficiently.
  • Use the bench: A bench is a powerful tool that allows you to upgrade your weapons and suit. Use it often to stay ahead of the necromorphs.
  • Use the store wisely: The store in Dead Space offers valuable items and upgrades. Use your resources wisely and only buy what you need.
  • Take care of your team: Your team members are essential to the story and can provide valuable support. Keep them alive and protect them at all costs.
  • Don’t forget about the vacuum: A vacuum is a powerful tool that can be used to suck up ammo and health packs. Use it often to keep your inventory full.

The original Dead Space if you can believe it released 15 years ago and while reading that fact makes us want to crumble into dust we instead have decided to share the most essential tips and tricks that kept us alive in this remake through the USS Ishimura prepare your plasma cutter and let’s Dive In.

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Dead Space 44 Essential Tips and Tricks 2023

Considering you’ll likely spend the majority of Dead Space trying to land  Precision shots on Necromorph limbs you’ll often find yourself overwhelmed by the speed of enemies to combat this aim for the legs first grounding a  Necromorph makes it much easier to land a killing blow hit.

The right trigger to stop enemies you can kill enemies before they spring to life if they’re playing possum but more importantly you can cause an item to pop out for enemies you’ve already killed almost every enemy carries a  single item and they won’t just drop them you gotta finish the job with a  Stomp.

Normally you’d stomp or melee attack a  crate to open it but in zero-g, you can use Kinesis to draw items nearer to you and then fire them against the ground or wall to smash them  Dead Space adds a lot of fancier more powerful weapons to Isaac’s roster throughout the events of the game.

But few guns are as reliable and easy to scrounge ammo for as the plasma cutter although there’s a lot of good equipment to upgrade at the workbench it’s worth focusing a lot of your stored nodes on making it the best it can be.

It’ll constantly be there to help you out of scrap and it’s well worth the investment one of the most powerful weapons Isaac acquires during his time in Nishimura is the Kinesis module which allows him to pick up move and throw objects.

While it’s used as a puzzle-solving tool it’s also very good at murdering Necromorphs when exploring environments look for explosive barrels and rods using these against most Necromorphs is often an instant kill allowing you to wipe out enemies without wasting your precious ammo supply.

In enemy type, you’ll first encounter during dead space’s second chapter the infector is a flying monster that transforms human corpses into  Necromorphs it won’t bother Isaac at first but it will search the nearby area for human corpses and turn them into powerful enemies.

so make sure to take them out before they raise their own  Army although this won’t always be an option several of dead space’s environments will come loaded with hazards that can hurt Isaac including faulty wiring that spews electricity and large Machinery.

If you put yourself between an enemy and a  hazard they’ll blindly walk into it without a second thought and stasis can help position them melee evolves a spinning fan on it to unleash a free buzz saw-like weapon when used with Kinesis this also goes for the shelves made of blue rods those rods are  Torpedoes and the right hands.

When you first gain control of Isaac while aboard the Killian take your first left to find a text log that expounds on his backstory that won’t help you not get dismembered but at least it will make you empathize with them a bit more. At the same time, it happens oh while there’s no quick turn in Dead  Space you can press the sprint button while strafing backward to pick up the pace.

You’ll be backpedaling quite a bit so you may as well do it a bit faster  Dead Space loves to pincer you in between two enemies which means that walking or running backward as we practiced isn’t always the best option.

Sometimes you’ll need to run towards an enemy while shooting them down so you don’t back up into their tag team partner then you can turn around and keep the second enemy in front of you to better know when there’s an enemy behind you it helps to play with other surround sound speakers or headphones.

So you can get better positional audio you’ll often hear Vince popping open or Necromorph squealing before you even see them pressing in the right stick to see the shortest path to your next objective is one of the dead space’s most player-friendly features not only do you know where to go to complete your current Mission you also know which rooms or side areas you can explore for extra loot.

Before moving on don’t be afraid to stray from the blue line from time to time thank you dead space’s controls are fully remappable and even allow you to bind functions like immediately opening the map to an unused button don’t forget to use stasis to keep the smaller enemies in place flowing through an eclipse worth of ammo isn’t worth it.

So  if you’re having trouble hitting the  stupid mutant babies lock them down  first while their tentacles are out this game is gross  it’s tempting to buy ammo or health when  you’re running low on both but try and  save your money for a suit and weapon  upgrades you may be strapped for  resources sometimes

dead space hints and tips
Dead Space Tips and Tricks 2023

But there are often many ways through tough scenarios you have stasis Kinesis punches and Stomps for a reason remember your weapon’s secondary fire functions while they often take more ammo than a normal shot attack like the rifle’s proximity mine or the Ripper’s saw blade can monumentally turn the tide in your favor.

Don’t waste precious ammo on non-final enemy Parts sometimes if you blow through a whole clip trying to find a  weak point dying might be the better option use your deaths as chances to gather information for your next more efficient run security doors are labeled on the map and rooms you haven’t visited yet will be dark blue versus light blue.

When you gain a higher level of clearance be sure to look back at what you missed however most security lockers and boxes are not tracked on the map so be sure to make a  note for yourself when you see one in the back half of the game you’ll come across a lot of gooey surfaces.

Like I  said before  Game’s gross you can’t run on these but neither can your enemies so planer routes accordingly when trying to flee or flank them much of the loot is randomly generated based on what you need storing a weapon that is in the storage bin at the store not in your inventory stops you from finding as much ammo for it placing your valuable healing items in storage will also cause more Health items to drop from enemies.

And keeping a lot of  healing items in your inventory will  cause you to find more ammo  if your favorite weapon is running low  upgrading its capacity at the workbench  will reload the clip giving you free  ammo 

And there you have it 44 essential tips  and tricks to fight your way through the  Dead Space remake

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