Cardi, B give his fans surprised when she asked his fan a question Did you fart today? Cardi B fans are very surprised by his question.

Cardi B Did you fart today
Cardi B Did you fart today

Cardi B question to his follower on Twitter is:

“Me: HEY GUYS HOW YA DOING? Did you fart today? Weird Twitter fans with no social life: who’s better cardi or ? …….Yaaa still doing those for viral tweets ? It’s getting boring and predictable now”.


After few minutes Cardi, B again tweeted:

“You must be one of those people that do those huh ?”.

Cardi B Replying to his fan:

“Lmaaaooooooo ……Bro they even do that with me and boys ……Imagine everyday with the girls …..They be like who legs are better ?cardi or ? Like my nikkkaaaa if ya don’t stop.”

A fan ask question to Cardi B where is New album?

Cardi B reply “In my Puss.. “and stunts his fan


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