Santana Slim Buss it challenge video in White Robe
Santana Slim Buss it challenge video in White Robe

According to the details, Santana Slim, a content developer, recently went viral on social media after “buss it challenges in a white robe.” Buss, it challenge was fun at first, but Santana Slim went a long way. Watch this challenging video below, Santana Slim.

santana slim buss it challenge

Bus It Challenge has taken over social media in recent weeks, and people have seen themselves transformed into a complete glam version with a casual look. Celebrities like Monica and Chloe Bailey have also taken part in the action, and fans have been impressed by them.

santana slim buss it challenge

So who is the white robe girl: White Robe Girl is the creator of a polite audience content called Santana Slim. It has a significant following on social media with over 250,000 followers in its membership-based platform and combine.


Typically, the individual starts with a light dance on the hot in his sample from Erica Banks ‘Bus it’. Then, when the chorus drops, they do. The person who is carrying out this challenge turns into a glamorous dress and dances on the floor on Buss It.

santana slim buss it challenge

This is usually the case anyway.

How did Santana Slim perform Buss it Challenge in white Robe?

Santana Slim, like many others, has begun to record herself in the white bathrobe as “buss it challenge.” But viewers were stunned just a few seconds after Santana Slim Buss it challenging video of Santana Slim passed.


The video shows Santana Slim falling to the floor while challenging, but it was not just the floor under her but something else. Following her viral buss it challenge video, Santana Slim is now known as the White robe girl and people are searching for this white robe buss it challenge video all over the internet.

Of course we will not upload the full video here. But it is viral on all social media, including Twitter here.

What is the Fan’s reaction to Santana Slim’s buss it challenge video in white Robe?

“Jordyn Woods downstairs neighbors when she did the buss it challenge.” a fan said.

“Me: ok I’m in the mood to do the buss it challenge *Jordyn woods sets a new standard.”


“The #bussitchallenge has came to an end and the winner of the Challenge is none other then Slimsantana.” another said.

Who is Santana Slim ( The Girl in white Robe viral video)?

Santana Slim only fans are content creator. she has a significant presence on the shopping platform with over 100,000 users. she also has 154,000 followers on Twitter and most people followed him after this Buss it challenge video in white robe went viral.


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