BlueFace Instagram Story Video Went Viral.

BlueFace Instagram Story Video Went Viral
BlueFace Instagram Story Video Went Viral(from google)
  • Ripper BlueFace video angered many people.
  • Blueface is an American rapper and singer.
  • BlueFace posted 15 videos on his Instagram.
  • In the video we can see him dancing with the strippers.
  • His fans are making fun of his videos.
  • BlueFace videos wents viral on instagram.
  • 4 million peoples like BlueFace videos.
  • BlueFace has 6.8 millions follower on instagram.
  • People are liking his dancing video in the clube .

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One of them said : “Everyone talking about the guy in the white tank and grey shorts in Blueface story but no ones mentioning how this dude full on fingering this stripper ? The assault is full on and insta still keeping this shit up ? “



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