Julez smith viral video with  Skai Jackson
Julez smith viral video with Skai Jackson

Solange’s son Julez Smith and Skai Jackson breakup. Solange’s son Julez reveals breakup. Some time ago, Skai Jackson was dating Julez smith. But suddenly the two broke up.

Solange’s son Julez Smith and Skai Jackson’s breakup went viral on social media. Fans of both want to know the reason for the breakup.

Skai Jackson becomes a trend Today on Twitter because of his breakup with Beyonce’s Nephew Solange’s son Julez Smith.


Why Skai Jackson and Julez smith are Fighting on IG?

  • Solange’s son Julez Smith born October 18, 2004, is the son of Beyonce’s sister Solange.
  • Skai Jackson is an American actress, YouTuber, and author, who was included in Time’s list of Most Influential Teens in 2016.
  • Juelz smiths have 110k follower on Instagram
  • Skai Jackson has 626k followers on Twitter.
  • One reason behind Skai Jackson and Juelz smiths is below

Beyonce’s Nephew post on Instagram about his relationship with Skai Jackson (Solange’s son Julez reveals breakup) someone asks Juelz Smiths: “Are you and Skai Jackson are Friends?.”

Solange son replied: “fu.. no .”


“I don’t like her like this don’t believe what other people say .. and her personality and her ego is very big… she needs to come to do back to earth .”

Did Solange’s Son Julez Smith and Skai Jackson Date and Have They Now Broken up?

Solange’s Son Julez Smith, 16, has a face identifiable to many as one of the successors to the Knowles legacy. Jackson, 18, is best known for her role on the Disney Channel show Jessie. 

Julez Smith and Skai Jackson, previously not captured on photos together, were rumored to be dating as a result of leaked group chat messages where Julez Smith was discussing their relationship.


Solange’s Son Julez Smith and Skai Jackson have not spoken specifically on the relationship since the news was viral online, Fans were surprised by the romance and the two remain a trending topic online. 

It’s not clear yet what the Disney star did to him, But whatever it was, there must have been some reason why the two broke up.

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