Tyga has recently been romantically linked to TikTok star Bella Porch. The pair were rumored to have been accused of leaking a se* tape last year.

Bella Poarch viral video
Bella Poarch

A few weeks after the TikTok videos were released, a se* tape of two people allegedly belonging to Tyga and Bella was leaked on Onlyfans. Fans have speculated that it was recorded shortly after he was hanging out on TikTok.

Tyga alleged se* tape with TikTok star Bella Poarch, 19, leaks online Last year.


Rumors of an alleged se* tape of Tyga and Bella Poarch’s surfaced on Twitter, much to the surprise of many fans.

Tyga is making headlines only after the news came from her OnlyFans account. While the 30-year-old nudes were recently leaked online, the star allegedly had a se* tape leaked.

What is The Rumors about Tyga alleged se* tape with TikTok star Bella Poarch?

Rumors surfaced on social media on Wednesday (October 14th) that the rapper had allegedly se***lly assaulted 19-year-old TikTok star Bella Poarch.


The two are being linked to claims by Tyga’s fans that a se* tape has been leaked in which the rapper and Poarch are found to be close.

However, some fans are not convinced by the lack of video evidence. At this point, a lot of people are just speculating, but a few fans claim to have seen it.

OnlyFans Fans, Tyga’s users have remained silent about how they received the clip. However, fans have taken to Twitter to discuss the alleged se* tape.


Bella Poarch, 19, has more than 36 million followers. Her involvement with rapper Tyga has made social media sensations in the mainstream news.

With Tyga’s nudes leaked, many fans believe that leaking an alleged se* tape from a rapper is not yet close.

Since just starting OnlyFans, Tyga has shared more juicy and rosy nude shots on her Instagram. However, the “Rack City” rapper has blurred the images to comply with social media network guidelines.


Tyga has been named only one of the richest superstar on OnlyFans in the world, who actually shares nude photos with her fans.

Regarding the se* tape, Tyga and Bella have not commented on the reports.

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