Apollo Legend released a suicide video, and according to specter on Twitter, the police have confirmed he is dead. Apollo Legend was a YouTuber who got caught up in some drama but despite that, he is dead now and should be remembered for the better things

According to The Specter Report on twitter

Police made entry into his house.it is now confirmed he is deceased. No cause of death or anything more than that was provided as they need to inform do everything right by his family but I can confirm this much.


Who is Apollo Legend?

Apollo Legend was a speedrunner and YouTuber hailing from the Pacific Northwest United States. He’s best known for his outspoken opinions on the speedrunning community and viral video.

What was the cause of Apollo Legend’s death?

Specter hasn’t confirmed his cause of death but given apollo,s suicide letter, and his suicide video would I think it is safe to assume that it was most likely suicide.

Apollo Legend Is Dead  (Last note of the Apollo Legend)

Apollo Legend’s video note

“I tried to hold myself back in the video but I cannot help it. People have no clue what I deal with every day when I was about five years old my dad threw me on the ground and covered my mouth and nose to where I could not breathe and screamed into my face because I wanted to play some game that he was playing and that is how he treated us every day.


I have scoliosis which causes my back hips and shoulders to ache constantly. i am sick every day I throw up often my medicine makes me vomit but then if I do not take it I vomit.

My body is completely useless I can’t do anything I am completely out of my mind all my thoughts are so painful and aggravating and because I am mentally I will everything i say online gets used to make me look like a bad person.

I am not a bad person I am under incredible stress try living with this much pain and let’s see the decisions you make. That’s only the stuff I am comfortable talking about there is more that’s even worse.”


Apollo Legend’s suicide is still a sad day for his family, friends, and fans out there. Apollo Legend’s life was claimed in 2020 just like many others a should be remembered in a brighter light. Apollo Legend said he had health conditions that contributed to his choice (and freedom) to end his life. I hope Apollo Legend’s family can come to terms with this tragedy.

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