Amber Alert issued for 2 Kidnap siblings in NY
Amber Alert Dimitri and Shekeria Cash

An amber alert has been released by the New York police stating the disappearance of two children named Dimitri and Shekeria Cash.

The names of the children are Dimitri and Shekeria Cash. Both children were kidnaped from Greece NY home according to the Ambe Alert.

Both children are in grave danger and this danger can occur in case of injury to their body and even in case of their death.


Dimitri is 5 years old and about four feet tall While Shekeria Cash is three years old and about three feet tall. When Dimitri was last seen on Monday, he was dressed in a fire truck or dinosaur pajamas, Shekeria Cash, on the other hand, was last seen wearing panda pajamas.

The people who abducted the children. They were about six feet tall and weighed about 200 pounds. They were dressed in flannel shirts and Dickies work pants and had a black mask over their faces. According to Amber Alert.


The vehicle driven by the two suspects was later found empty. According to Amber Alert. New York Police are urging people to call this number if they have any information about these children or suspects.

It is very unfortunate that such incidents have taken place in today’s educated society. We should help the police (Amber Alert) as much as we can. Anyone who has any information about the two children should call on these numbers 585-428-6666 or 911.

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